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needlepoint design and result

About the artist

Crisanne Lamark Tellin received formal training in drawing, painting and art history at Carnegie Mellon University and The University of Chicago. With her degree in fine arts and an inclination for the ‘drier’ mediums of pencil, charcoal and pastel, she has created a body of work that includes still lifes, figure drawings and countless sketches from nature.

Sketching is a form of visual note taking. In this regard, she’s been taking notes for as long as she can remember. Sometimes the sketches have evolved into more finished, complete drawings. More often, though, they’ve remained as fragmentary ideas; suspended and interrupted by the continuous flow of new, compelling observations. Sketching is also a form of  restoration; a way to quiet the constant visual ‘noise’ of nature. With pencil in hand, she seeks to filter this racket, and discover the underlying harmony and resemblance of all living things. Her preoccupation with the overwhelming diversity and beauty of nature is rather ironically expressed by a personal artistic style that is succinct, orderly and abstract. Such drawings are the foundation of her work, and the inspiration for her needlework designs.

Every design begins with one or more sketches, and after many hours of adaptation, evolves into the ‘new’ medium of needleart; ready to be reproduced with needle, thread and fabric. Tellin Emblem was born with her express desire to produce needleart patterns that are truly artful, yet utilize the simplest embroidery stitches. Accordingly, stitchers of any skill level are invited to ‘bring a Tellin Emblem design to life.’ She hopes you will enjoy the stitching, and take genuine pride in the result.

Crisanne Lamark Tellin resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

flower and bird needlepoint
flower and bird needlepoint